Bristol Going for Gold Library

In 2021 Bristol was officially awarded the status of Gold Sustainable Food City, recognising the positive work undertaken across the city’s food system, seeking to solve social, environmental, and economic issues. During the campaign to achieve Gold status a large number of policy documents and guidance documents were created. A selection of those documents are available to download below.


2021: Bristol Going for Gold: Sustainable Food Places submission
2021: Summary of Food Equality Stakeholder Meetings and Surveys; Growing the Good Food Movement Area of Excellence; University of Bristol Sustainable Food Full Case Study
May 2021: Bristol Going for Gold Procurement Report
April 2021: The Evolution of Bristol’s Local Food Economy Since 2016: A Snapshot Review; Food Waste Area of Excellence Report
March 2021: Advertising and Sponsorship Policy; High Fat Salt Sugar Policy Guidance Note; Policy Bristol Report 63 Food Insecurity; FareShare South West Impact Report 2021 
2020: Healthy Holidays 2020 Impact Report
November 2020: Going for Gold Communications Digital Audit
October 2020: Grow Wilder 5 Year Strategy
July 2020: Bristol’s COVID-19 Community Food Response; FEW-ULL Research Findings Eleanor Eaton
March 2019 Food Waste Action Group Terms of Reference; Baldock et al 2019 Nature Ecol & Evol: A Systems Approach Reveals Urban Pollinator Hotspots and Conservation Opportunities
2019: Bristol Eating Better Award form; Bristol’s Vibrant Food Scene; Healthy Holidays 2019 Impact Report
January 2019: Bristol Food Provision and Services
2018: Good Food and Catering Procurement Policy (Framework)