Bristol Food Policy Council library

A thank you to Bristol’s Food Policy Council: and the work continues.

“How we produce, trade, eat and waste food influences the most pressing issues facing us today: from climate and ecological breakdown to human health and well-being, from poverty and justice to animal welfare.”

So Joy Carey, Bristol Food Network director and member of the Food Policy Council, reminded us when we celebrated our Gold Sustainable Food Places Award in June 2021. For 10 years, the Food Policy Council (FPC) has been striving to put ‘Good Food’ onto the agenda in Bristol, and to keep it there. Now, in the wake of the success of the city’s ‘Going for Gold’ campaign, the FPC is passing on the baton. Read more on the Bristol Good Food 2030 website, celebrating a decade of the FPC, thank all those who contributed to its success and look forward, considering how its work will continue across the city.


2016: Bristol’s Silver Award-winning Sustainable Food Cities Application
2015: Bristol’s Sustainable Food Journey: Local Action Plan 2015 Summary; Bristol’s Good Food Action Plan – details 2015-18
July 2015: Reframing the foodscape: the emergent world of urban food policy
December 2014: What Do We Know About the State of Good Food in Bristol?
October 2014: The Contribution of Public Health Bristol to the Work of Bristol’s Food Policy Council
May 2014: Food and planning developmental review; URBACT – Thematic Report: Growing
December 2013: URBACT – Thematic Report: Enjoying; URBACT – State of the Art
July 2013: Bristol Good Food Plan; Food Poverty: What Does the Evidence Tell Us?; URBACT – Sustainable Food in Urban Communities; Creating Space for Sustainable Food Systems
May 2013: Tackling Food Waste in Bristol: A Collaborative Approach
April 2013: TMTP Report: Food Poverty in Bristol
January 2013: Urban and Community Food Strategies: The case for Bristol
October 2012: How can we Scale-up Urban Agriculture in Bristol?
July 2012: Briefing for Bristol Food Policy Council on four recent reports: implications for work in Bristol
May 2012: Yeo Valley Day visit report
April 2012: Sustainable Bishopston Reports to Bristol Green Capital Community Challenge Fund
March 2011: Who Feeds Bristol? report; URBACT – Bristol Profile 2011