• It helps cut Food Miles.
    Eating locally-produced food helps to cut food miles – the distance that food travels from its source to your plate. This means a reduction in the need for road and air transport, with all its associated pollution and CO2 emissions which contribute to global warming.
  • It can help cut packaging.
    Buying from a Farmers’ or other Local Market, or ordering veg through a box scheme, can help to cut wasteful packaging and all its associated transport costs.
  • It’s healthier!
    Because local food has not had to travel far to reach you, it is likely to be fresher and healthier – nutrient levels start to fall as soon as fruit and veg are harvested.
  • It’s good for the community.
    Buying direct from a producer at a Market helps to maintain links between people in urban and rural areas. It allows producers to take a bigger share of the price that you pay, compared to when you shop in a national supermarket chain.
  • It’s good for the local economy.
    If you buy local food direct from a local producer, or through an independent local shop, then you are helping to keep money circulating in the local economy. You are also helping to preserve all the local facilities needed by these small businesses – such as post offices and local branches of banks. Supermarkets do not need these local services, and most of the money spent in them quickly leaves the local area.
  • It can save you money
    According to Sustain, Fruit and vegetables are around 30% more expensive in supermarkets than in street markets.