What Can I Do?

Want to get involved, but don’t know where to start?


Want to get mucky in a Community Garden? Or learn to look after chickens at a City Farm? Ever wanted to pluck your own apple from a Shared Orchard? Well here is a map and guide that will help you do just that, plus a lot more!

Shopping and Eating out

A guide to where you can eat or buy local food in Bristol, written by shoppers who love to shop local. Here you can find their recommendations of where to buy local, seasonal and organic fruit & veg in the city, and which cafés and restaurants make a feature of their local sourcing.


Please go to our Volunteering Page to find out how you can volunteer with Bristol Food Network and some of Bristol’s other great community food projects!


Please go to our Cookery Page to find out about Bristol Community Kitchens, not-for-profit and commercial cooking classes for adults, kids, and everyone in between!

Learning & Working

The food sector is as wide as your imagination. If you’re inspired by food, have you thought about making it a career? Click through to our Learning & Working page to see some ways to make that happen.

Local Food Directory

  • Café Kino

    A bustling vegan café and community space on Stokes Croft which is open everyday from 10am till 10.30pm. The majority of the food is organic and sourced locally. All cakes, burgers and falafals are made fresh in the café. Their suppliers can be found here http://www.cafekino.coop/about and include: Dry goods and wholefoods from Essential Trading and Hodmedods Fairtrade coffee from Brian Wogan Fruit & veg … Read more Café Kino