• Paradiso Seasons
    Denis Cotter, Atrium, 2003
    ISBN 0-9535353-4-7
    Seasonal vegetarian cookery, including the best way to cook kale, EVER!
  • River Cottage Handbook No.2: Preserves
    Pam Corbin, Bloomsbury. 2008
    ISBN 978-0-7475-9532-8
    Comprehensive guide to preserving techniques and great seasonal recipes including the unusual – fruit leather or currant shrub, anyone?
  • Best-kept Secrets of the Women’s Institute: Jams, Pickles & Chutneys
    Midge Thomas, Simon & Schuster UK, 2002
    ISBN 0-74322-113-3
    Less comprehensive than the River Cottage Handbook, but a no-nonsense, easy-to-follow guide to basic jam and pickling techniques. Recipes come tried-and-tested by WI members.
  • A Hedgerow Cookbook
    Glennie Kindred, Wooden Books, 2005
    ISBN 1-904263-03-8
    Lots of seasonal suggestions and recipes using hedgerow plants and fruits, but no identification guide. Recipes include chestnut jam, haw brandy and fruit cheese.
  • Collins Gem: Food for Free
    Richard Mabey, Harper Collins, 2003
    ISBN 0-00-715172-1
    Pocket-sized identification guide, with suggestions for uses of wild plants and some recipes. Hop frittata, Jack-by-the-hedge sauce, Nettle haggis…
  • Traditional Country Winemaking
    Paul and Ann Turner, Foulsham, 1997
    ISBN 0-572-02180-1
    JS: I have made so many of these recipes that wine made from grapes has started to taste strange… Easy to follow recipes, arranged by season – including the Good Life favourite, ‘Pea pod’.