Updated 14/8/20

Food waste has dropped by a third in lockdown! We’re getting more resourceful and savvy with our food. Here are some tips to help you reduce your waste even further.

Try these recipes to use up the usual waste suspects:

Love Food Hate Waste have compiled lots of helpful tips on making the most of what’s available and cutting down on waste, including:

  • Advice on planning ahead for meals. Plus, using shopping lists to help guide a shop and adapting when things are not available.
  • How to store food to keep it fresh for longer – an A–Z of common ingredients and tips on how to store them to make sure they last longest. Especially useful if you perhaps ‘panic bought’ too much and now want to make the best of it! Also comedic poems from Kate Fox about keeping food fresher for longer.
  • How to revive or use up food items that are looking tired. Also, reasons to eat the ‘other’ bits that some don’t like, such as peel.
  • Using fridges most effectively – understanding that different areas of the fridge are different temperatures so best suited to storing different items.
  • A wide selection of recipes to help you make the best use of the food you have – enter one or more ingredient for relevant recipe ideas. Also ‘Flung together food’ ideas. Making the best use of leftover meat and fish.
  • Simple facts and inspiration to get you thinking about food waste and a range of activities to follow to make a difference.

Hubbub have videos, recipes, blogs etc to show how to reduce food waste in the home and cut costs during isolation.

Bristol Waste Company’s Slim My Waste – Happy Kitchen campaign provides tips for reducing food waste, from knowing your labels and checking use-by dates, to banana peel recipes and regrowing salad from scraps.