Bristol Going for Gold was launched in 2019, joining together individuals, organisations and policy makers behind a shared ambition of making Bristol a Gold Sustainable Food City by the end of 2020. As a city, we would achieve this through better interconnectivity in our food community and by giving each and every person in Bristol the inspiration and knowledge needed to be part of a food system that’s good for people, planet and our city.

Though this vision for Bristol’s food system remains unchanged, the food landscape everywhere has altered drastically in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bristol’s bid for gold will be delayed by six months but, in the meantime, the team coordinating the bid will focus on drawing people in our city together to create a community of knowledge and support around food.

You can access this community online. Here, on the Bristol Food Network website, you’ll find information and resources relating to Bristol’s Good Food Response. Meanwhile, on the Bristol Going for Gold website you’ll still find inspiring stories from the community as it adapts and respond to changes in our food system. You can continue to use the actions and resources available on the site, too – use them to focus your efforts at home through tips on resourceful cooking, food waste reduction and home growing, and involve the kids by logging actions and recording your progress. Your logged actions will help us capture a picture of good food in the city during this unprecedented time.

You can help tell those inspirational stories from across the city, too. Share your stories with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or get in touch.

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