Should you need to look for extra funds to support new or adapted community food services during this time, we have provided a list of some recommended opportunities below. This is not an exhaustive list, but we hope that these sources will be helpful to for organisations supporting the community food response to COVID-19.

If you represent a community food organisation or group who are under threat due to funding issues and do not find the below to be suitable, please get in contact with for advice from the Bristol Food Network.

Please also refer to our Community Switchboard to field ‘Asks’ and ‘Offers’ between organisations.

Defra are offering grants of up to 100,000 to food charities helping people during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is highly recommended that all food provisioning groups with the capacity to distribute large amounts of food before the 9th August apply for this fund.

Quartet Coronavirus Response FundsUpdated 14/05/20: Quartet have currently paused their funding of food projects while they focus on other areas of need during the outbreak. Please contact us for advice if you are struggling to find funding. This grant programme aims to support local activities that are helping communities affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It will offer local charitable and community organisations emergency funding to support emerging challenges faced within local communities as a result of the continuing threat of coronavirus.

WRAP and Defra COVID-19 Emergency Surplus Food Grant – Support for non-profit food distributors. Updated 14/05/20: This fund is now open for small food redistribution organisations and charities. This fund is available for a limited time only and has received many applications. It is recommended that you apply as soon as possible if you are in need.

National Lottery Community Funds – All funding decisions they make for the next 5 months will prioritise funding groups who are best placed to support their communities during COVID-19. Priority will be given to organisations supporting high risk people, vulnerable communities and organisations with the highest potential to directly support their communities during COVID-19.

Existing Neighbourly registered organisations and groups can apply for their community grants of up to £400 of financial relief for their ongoing community support work.

Existing Esmee Fairbairn Foundation funded projects can receive extra support, though new grant applications have been paused.

Yapp Charitable Trust are providing funding of up to £3,000 to smaller registered charities (with a total annual expenditure of £40,000 or less) that service their priority groups for their core running costs. These groups are elderly people, young people (aged 5–25), people with disabilities and impairments, or mental health difficulties. They also prioritise organisations focussed on social welfare of education and learning.

Barclay’s Grant: for those working within the community to support those most vulnerable.

LEAP: Small emergency loan programme is for community food businesses and agroecological growers.

Big Society Capital are providing emergency loans to trading charities and social enterprises.

UK Community Foundations have launched a Coronavirus Appeal to support grassroots charities and groups who are in turn supporting some of society’s most vulnerable people throughout the outbreak.

Grants online have a list of regional grants.

The charity Turn2Us has published a webpage for individuals looking for support and crisis grants.

In addition to the above, Voscur are providing a grants and funding digest. Their detailed overview of funds can be found here. This may go out of date, so please refer back to Voscur’s main funding page regularly to check for updated guides. 

For grant advice and feedback on draft applications, please call Jenny on 07904 099136 or email