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Celebrating Sustainability in Food and Drink

December 2 @ 8:00 am - 10:00 am UTC+1

Join Future Leap for this seasonal online event celebrating sustainability in food and drink!

With the holidays upon us, the food and drink sector see a particular ramp up in activities as people all over the globe celebrate with seasonal meal choices and new, inspiring recipes.

The food and drink industry impacts our climate and ecology; our choices as businesses, suppliers, restaurants and consumers can have a positive effect on the planet if we start to learn how.

So join Future Leap for this refreshing morning event with Yeo Valley, Farm Wilder and Good & Proper to celebrate sustainable food and drink, become part of the sustainable food movement and learn what you can do – whatever part you play in the sector and wherever you are on your journey.

Tim Martin, Co-Founder at Farm Wilder will be speaking on “Making the case for better, and wilder meat”.

For the last 3 years Farm Wilder has been championing better meat – meat that is reared regeneratively on farms with exceptional wildlife. Tim believes that it’s vital that we give consumers the choice to buy meat that’s part of the solution to biodiversity loss and climate change. By telling the story of sustainable farming Farm Wilder aims to connect people to nature and increase awareness of the impacts of our shopping decisions.

Fay Cooke, Responsible Business Chair at Yeo Valley will be speaking on “Farming to reverse climate change”.

Much of the rhetoric around food choices and climate change is based on simple messages that are quickly shared and easily understood, however these often do not capture the complexity and nuances associated with a holistic approach to sustainability. This talk will touch on some of the evidence and research that underpins a vision of a farming system (and therefore a set of food choices) that can help to reverse climate change.