Resources for Community Organisations during COVID-19

These resources are for community organisations, groups and projects who:

  • Are centred around food (e.g. cooking, growing, sharing food with the community)
  • Have newly formed to support their local community on food issues during the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Have adapted how they function as a response to COVID-19, and are now focusing more on food related activities (e.g. distribution)

These resources should provide you with all the information you need around running food projects during this time, whether they be best practices or funding information.

If you think these resources are missing something or you have suggestions for how they can develop to meet your needs, please email

Community switchboard

Connecting-up with other community organisations with your asks & offers.

Best practices

Best practice information on safeguarding, data protection, food preparation & delivery, and on supporting marginalised groups.

General information

Organisational support · Citywide coordination · Directing vulnerable people to food provisioning referrals · Directing volunteer interest · Asking for volunteers for your project.

Funding opportunities

Are you looking for extra funds to support new or adapted community food services during this time?

Community Anchor Organisations

Details on how to keep connected with other organisations in your area.

Bristol Food Kind

A new campaign offering ideas on how to shop, reduce food waste and grow your own in a way that benefits wellbeing and the wider community while we stay home.