Updated 9/7/20

Summer is here and it’s a wonderful time to get stuck in to all the amazing seasonal British food that is in abundance. Have a look here to see what is in season right now, try and choose British produce when you shop (even better, shop through a local box scheme) and have a look at these links for seasonal summer inspiration.

Check out our selection of delightful vegetarian/vegan recipes. All are either vegan or can be made vegan:

Food Savvy is a hub for delicious, affordable, healthy and climate friendly food. You’ll find great recipes and money saving tips

Check out the YouTube channel, Food with Chetna. Lots of great short cooking videos of all kinds of cuisine from Chetna Makan of Bake Off fame.

Join the very popular Facebook group BBC Good Food Together to ask for ideas for ingredients and find inspiration from the community of great cooks and beginner cooks. Expect a lot of suggestions!

Cook with your kids following these fun video recipes from CBBC’s My World Kitchen

The brilliant team at Riverford are sharing Veg Hack videos for quick and delicious inspiration on their Wicked Leeks site, such as these five simple salads, as well as store cupboard tips and tricks and more.

Why not join an online cookery class from expert refugee and migrants chefs from around the world with Migrateful.

The Guardian’s website always has loads of great recipes to browse. This is a great article with ideas to use up your aging spices, and here’s one with some simple bread recipes.

The Plant Jammer app takes the ingredients from your fridge and turns them into plant-based recipes. 

Jack Monroe’s Tin Can cookery shows how to cook balanced meals from tinned food

At 5pm daily on Twitter #JackMonroesLockdownLarder, Jack comes up with recipes using the public’s cupboard ingredients 

The wonderful Anna Jones will be sharing a recipe for your Saturday feasting treat with the hashtag #SaturdayNightCook on Instagram and her blog.

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