We want to provide an opportunity for groups or individuals involved in the community food response to COVID-19 to share ‘asks’ and ‘offers’ between Bristol’s community organisations and projects, via our ‘Community Switchboard’. Here, you can easily share a callout requesting, for example, surplus food donations from other groups, or let the network know about any extra capacity you might have to share with other groups.

Do you want to communicate something to other organisations and projects working across Bristol’s Good Food Response to COVID-19?

The Community Switchboard is an offer from Bristol Food Network to make it easier for individual groups to share ‘Asks’ or ‘Offers’ with the wider food community. 

To get our weekly update on live Asks/Offers from the Community Switchboard, please join the mailing list by sending a ‘subscribe’ request to aisling@bristolfoodnetwork.org

We will assume that the subscribe request gives us consent for your email address to be added to the Community Switchboard mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending an ‘unsubscribe’ request to the above email

What to share

Some examples of what you might wish to use the community switchboard for could be:

  • To ask other groups preparing food parcels about a supplier of a specific product they have found
  • To offer the use of some space, a kitchen, vehicles etc. to other groups who may be in need
  • To share if you have surplus from your own food preparation of growing schemes which groups in other parts of the city could benefit from
  • To ask other groups for advice on how they are approaching operational issues regarding meal delivery

How it works

  • If we are able to identify partnership opportunities with other organisations or groups through our network who could answer your ask or benefit from your offer, we will put you in contact with one another
  • Each week, the ‘Community Switchboard’ update will be sent to the mailing list and shared amongst COVID-19 Community Anchor organisations to get the widest reach

To share an Ask or Offer please email aisling@bristolfoodnetwork.org giving details of it alongside details of:

  • The organisation or project you represent
  • Any groups you have already reached out to who have not been able to meet your needs/make use of your offer
  • The best contact details for someone who can answer your Ask/Offer to use

Where possible, we will try to make connections between organisations who may be able to help each other throughout the week, but this will not always be possible.

Email aisling@bristolfoodnetwork.org with your asks and offers.