Welcome to Bristol’s Local Food Directory – a guide to where you can eat or buy local food in Bristol, written by shoppers who love to shop local. Here you can find their recommendations of where to buy local, seasonal and organic fruit & veg in the city, and which cafés and restaurants make a feature of their local sourcing.

Use the menus to select the sort of business that you’re looking for – Farm shops, Market traders, Pubs & Bars, Restaurants & Cafés, Shops & Retailers. Or view all the businesses listed in your part of the city – Cotham, Easton, Montpelier, etc. Or use both menus together to really refine your search to seek out, for example, only the cafés of Clifton.

All of the entries have been submitted by you! and we rely on you to keep things up-to-date and reliable. If you spot an entry which needs updating, or you find some glaring omissions in the Directory, then please use the form to let us know.

And because shops are not the only way to shop, here is our guide to alternative ways to shop local:

Why eat local
What’s wrong with ‘local food’ in supermarkets?
Where should I start?
What’s in season?
Seasonal cookbooks & other reference
Seasonal recipes
Regular local markets
Veg box schemes
Home delivery
Food co-ops and buying groups
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