Bristol Food Kind, a campaign from the team behind Bristol’s bid to become a Gold Sustainable Food City, offers all of us staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic practical ideas on how to shopreduce food waste and grow at home in a way that benefits our own wellbeing and the wider community, and contributes to the city’s food response. 

There are lots of things you can do from home. Buying from local, independent food providers can help secure the future of Bristol’s vibrant food scene. Buying what you need and eating what you buy helps ensure there is enough food for all, saves money and reduces the strain on retailers and waste collectors. And growing your own fruit and vegetables, however little, is great for well-being, unbeatable for freshness, and puts the food you eat in your own hands.

Every act of food kindness can make a difference not only in your own lives, but to those who are growing our food, to local food businesses, and to those who are vulnerable.

Follow #BristolFoodKind and encourage friends, family and colleagues to get involved. We are also inviting everyone to share their own stories and tips on Twitter and Instagram using #BristolFoodKind, to create a community of people contributing to Bristol’s food response.

Bristol Food Kind is a collaboration between Bristol Food Network, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol City Council and Resource Futures.