The 2019 British Dal Festival will feature events and an expanded Dal Trail across the UK for a nationwide celebration of dal and similar dishes of beans, peas, lentils and other pulses – “delicious and nutritious seeds for a sustainable future”.

The second British Dal Festival will run for the week from Sunday 10th February 2019, expected to be designated by the United Nations as the first ever World Pulse Day in recognition of the contribution pulses make to health, nutrition, food security, biodiversity and fighting climate change.

The Dal Festival will celebrate pulses, their many benefits, and the local flavours and traditions that cooks around the world bring to such versatile ingredients.

In Bristol, events include:

  • 9 February: 91 Ways celebrates the magic of dal
  • 10 February and throughout the week: Dal Trail 2019
  • 10 February: Meet the producer with Hodmedods and a 3-course meal at Poco
  • 13 February: Bristol Farmers’ & Producers’ Market – Dal special
  • 13 February: A dal-icious dinner – 4 courses at Gopal’s Curry Shack
  • 14 February: Love dal with 91 Ways at the Greenway Centre
  • 15 February: Dal supper club
  • 16 February: The Grand Dal Finale at Paintworks
  • 17 February: Vela Pop-up: A dal feast