From the Blue Finger Alliance website:

Click here to read The Blue Finger Vision. A world class hub of urban agriculture for the Bristol city region

Front page imageOver the last two years, The Blue Finger Alliance has been working to raise awareness of Bristol’s Grade 1 agricultural land, and to challenge the development of a MetroBus road across the land. This has led us to the point of saying what we can and must achieve on a piece of land of such high agricultural value, so close to a hungry city.

This vision brings together many organisations, reports and recommendations and makes clear the need to act together to bring the vision to reality. We all have a very important part to play.

Going into 2015 European Green Capital year, and being a UK Sustainable Food City, Bristol, with South Gloucestershire can seize this opportunity to choose to safeguard this land for a world class food growing hub. This will involve protecting the land from all damaging development, using policy to protect our food growing land, so its future is secure, then acting to put food production projects of many kinds into place, engaging diverse communities at all stages.

In the near future, eating Blue Finger grown food will be a mark of the highest quality, having come from the finest soil in the country, rich in nutrients and minerals and grown only a few miles from where it is eaten.

If you support this vision, please talk to people about it, share this page, and most importantly, contact your local councillor and tell them why and how you think they should support it. Thank you.