Get Growing aims to produce plants at low prices to help people grow some food at home.

Growing plants for distribution/sale 
If you would like to help grow plants, either from seed or look after seedlings over the next six weeks or so please let us know.  We are about to sow courgettes, squash, beans, herbs, outdoor tomatoes, etc and it would be great to have them looked after by lots of people. We will soon have seedings, cabbage, cauliflower, sprouts, tomatoes, etc that will need looking after too. If you have a greenhouse with some space that would be useful to know.

Plants available
We have available Sungold tomatoes and lots of varieties of chili suitable for greenhouses now.  Sungold can go outside when the threat of frost is over, late May.

We will be maintaining this page on our website to show what is available, and the situation with other vegetables.

If you want to know more please be in touch.
Alex Dunn Chair, SusWoT