A Kickstarter is running to create a new community deli in Redfield. During the day the space will run as a shop – a community convenience store. There’ll be fresh fruit and veg, meats and cheese, all the essentials you could need….but with one difference – they’ll be sourcing from local producers and suppliers.

It won’t just be the store cupboard essentials though, they’ll be constantly on the look out for those special items; like fresh pasta from Bedminster, charcuterie cured in Montpelier and perhaps a snifter of gin distilled in Bristol.

In the evenings and on closed days they’ll be offering the space to hold workshops, talks and supper clubs. So whether you’re a street food stall that wants to offer an extended menu, or you’re a silk artist using botanical dyes, this space will provide you with a platform to share your talent and skills.

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