No. 10 The People’s Kitchen have a programme of low cost / free cooking activities on over the summer holidays, which are open to residents of Hartcliffe and Withywood.

These include:

  • 30 Minute Meals – cookery class: £2
  • Activity Cafe – CRAFTernoons plus lunch at the Roundhouse: £1–2
  • Tea on the Terrace – donation based lunch at the Roundhouse
  • Fit n Fed – Volunteers needed for child holiday hunger prevention programme, FREE and lunch provided!
  • Cooking with Kids – cookery class for adults and children: £1–2
  • Cooking on a Budget – cookery class: £2
  • Cooking for Health – cookery class: £2
  • We Love Cooking – cooking class with adults with children aged 7–11

If anyone would like printed flyers for distribution, please get in touch and we’ll get some to you.

We also need volunteers (aged 15+) for the Fit n Fed programme.