Due to the overwhelming amount of out-of-county support, the Somerset Food Sovereignty Skillshare is now becoming a south-west wide event.

This means organisers, growers, transitioners and anyone who is concerned about our food system from Somerset, Bristol and the South West is invited to Tor Leisure on SATURDAY 15TH OCTOBER from 10am till 4.30pm.

Please note we now also have Graciela Romero, International Director of War on Want speaking on the day. If you are intending to come please use the booking form below.

The 10th -16th October is World Food Sovereignty Week. Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples to democratically define their own food and agricultural systems without harming other people or the environment. For more of what Food Sovereignty means please find some resources here.

Organised by the Transition Glastonbury Food Group and Reclaim the Fields the day will focus on:

*What is Food Sovereignty?
Our special guest speaker is Graciela Romero, International Programmes Director from War on Want who will talk about the failures of the current global food system and how people in the Global South are building a new alternative system, the food sovereignty framework.

*What is the Challenge?
Experienced activist and project manager at Somerset Community Food, Linda Hull has spent the last few years submerged in the world of food activism, meeting people from across the UK who are working to change our food system. She will give an overview of what she has learnt and why we need to make our local food systems visible concentrating on her experience in Somerset.

*Taking Action for Food Sovereignty
Nicole from Reclaim the Fields introduce the emergence of Food Sovereignty in the UK and how we can be inspired by international grassroots movements.

Lunch will be a bring-to-share affair with local food recipes from across Somerset.
*Food Sovereignty Skillshare
Hear from projects across Somerset and the South West sharing examples of action in their communities – from starting allotments to food co-operatives and more. Find out what they have done, what they have learnt and think together about the resources we need to develop more local projects.

*Next Steps

The final part of the day will be a facilitated group session to take help us take away ideas for action. Plans emerging could form the basis of Transition Food Group’s Energy Descent Plan or something similar. The aim is that we are focused, empowered and prepared for 2012 and beyond. We hope to explore:

*What does Food Sovereignty mean here, for us? How are we engaged in it?
*What are our barriers to achieving it? What potential opportunities exist?
*How do we need to work together to achieve Food Sovereignty?

The day is entry by donation only. Please use the form below to register so we have an idea of numbers and please bring something to share about your experiences, any ideas or suggestions are also greatly received! Please also note people new to food activism are also completely welcome!

The day intends to be an exciting, empowering and inspiring event. If you are representing a group and would like to showcase in the skillshare please email: nicole@wildheartpermaculture.co.uk

Click this link to register.