Sims Hill started the year with the threat of being turned to tarmac as a new Park & Ride, but with fantastic local support we are making 2019 a year when we grow and flourish instead.

We need your help. We are launching a crowdfunder to raise money to ‘Grow a Grower’ for this season: We want to start a traineeship program at Sims Hill for new entrant growers. We are looking to employ a paid trainee for 2 days a week for the coming season. We are aiming to raise £5,000 to cover the trainee’s wages and provide them with training and courses.

Why support new growers? Sims Hill is committed to sharing skills and knowledge with the community. We recognise the need to upskill new producers and build a new generation of food growers in Bristol.

Why a paid traineeship? Sims Hill is committed to supporting its farmers to build sustainable livelihoods. We recognise that for new growers it is difficult to find paid training options, particularly in urban agriculture projects. We want to work towards a model which can support new growers in a fair way.

More land, more food.This year at Sims Hill we would like to increase the amount of land we are using to grow food and produce more food for our members. With a trainee joining the growing team we hope we can produce more vegetables shares. We feel this is a vital step to make our CSA more robust and create more viable jobs for our growing team. From 2020 we aim to employ a trainee grower each season from our income and continue to build our CSA.

We would really appreciate your support in raising the £5000 needed to employ a new trainee.So, please share the link below to our crowdfunding page amongst your networks and all donations welcome.