basically any form of root veg in the house inc potato, beetroot, carrot, parsnips etc, plus pumpkin, squash etc cut into big chips or chunks and baked in the oven with a splash of oil – personally I use olive as I find it adds extra flavour but home grown rapeseed or whatever would be fine…

So: peel all the root veg and cut into big chip sizes. If using potato, par-boil for 5-10mins to soften.

Place all veg on a baking tray, drizzle with a little oil and put into a hot oven – around 200 degrees for 45 mins. Check occasionally and turn veg as necessary so ensure they cook evenly. If they seem to be taking a long time to get “started” a little extra oil will help.

For very young babies, they can be mashed with a fork before serving, for older children, serve with the main dish. Obviously, grown-ups are able to eat these too!

We also add onion and garlic, but I know it is not to every child’s taste!

Recipe by Arabella Greatorex, The Natural Nursery, 185 North Street, Southville 0117 966 8483,