A traditional French tart perfect for winter leeks large or baby ones. A delicious & golden tart suitable for those who don’t eat cheese!

1 x 10 inch flan

Basic pastry recipe as above

3 large leeks
Knob of butter
6 free range egg yolks
Salt & pepper
300 ml double cream

Pastry & blind baking
Follow the instructions as above, leave the pastry for 10 mins, prepare dish and blind bake in your chosen dish.

Remove the outer skin and any really rough leaves at the top of the leek. Cut the leek long ways twice, and then dice to approximately 1 cm squares, gather the leeks, wash and dry them. Melt the butter and gentle sauté the leeks until soft, but still retain their bright colour.

Combine the egg yolks, cream & nutmeg.

Season the pastry case, layer the leeks right to the top of the tart case. Fill the case carefully with the egg & cream mix. Bake in the oven on 150 oc for approximately 20 to 25 mins.

1. If the eggs are free range and organic the tart will look more impressive with a delicious golden look.
2. A pinch of nut meg is enough, but of you use freshly grated the flavour will be more noticeable & delicious.
3. Make sure you use the green parts as well as the white parts of the leek.

Recipe by Morgan Delights. Catch Lucy’s stall at Bradford on Avon market
Thursdays 8am-1pm, in Wells by the Cathedral on Saturdays 8am-4pm, and at
the Slow Food Market in Corn Street, Bristol on the first Sunday of every
month. Contact number for orders etc & info: 0117 9394575