500g/1lb 2oz Broad beans, shelled weight
500g/1lb 2oz Salad potatoes, washed and sliced
200g/7oz Feta cheese, diced
2tbsp Each chopped fresh mint and marjoram
15ml/1tbsp White wine vinegar
45ml/3tbsp Olive oil
1 Clove garlic, peeled and crushed
Salt and pepper

1. Steam the potatoes and the beans separately until tender.

2. Whizz together the herbs, vinegar, garlic and oil with a hand blender and season.

3. Pour over the hot beans and potatoes and when cool, fold in the feta.

JS: I can’t wait for the beans and potatoes to cool down! And this actually makes a really good warm salad. (But don’t add the feta while the other ingredients are still hot…) To make it more local, why not use a local feta-type cheese, such as the goats cheese produced by White Lake, available from the Tobacco Factory Market.

This recipe appears with thanks to Holly Jones, who runs a Cookery School in Kingswear, Devon, that makes a feature of using local ingredients from the South Hams of Devon. See: www.mannafromdevon.com

The recipe orginally appeared in ‘The book of organic potatoes’, by Holly Jones with Alan Wilson.