They will assess the soil and fertility of your site, identify problems & opportunities for improvement and create a soil and fertility action plan.

This will include doing:

  • A map of the site.
  • A soil texture test and analysis of soil structure and health (weather permitting – if ground is very frozen students will have to base their action plan on what they can see and the knowledge of the soil gained from the site users).
  • An interview with you and other users of the site to identify the uses/needs of the site, experiences of working the soil and real-life parameters such as time available, budget, skills of people involved, available resources etc.
  • An assimilation of all this information into a soil and fertility action plan for the site.
  • Permaculture design principles will be at the core of the design.

Students have two days to complete their design project – Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 December.

  • They need access to the site possibly on both days but mainly on the Tuesday.
  • Because of the limited time students have to complete this project they are unable to travel outside of the wider Bristol area.
  • They will need to interview at least one main user of the site.
  • We will be offering a selection of sites to the students at the beginning of December for them to choose. We would let you know shortly after if your site has been chosen.
  • If you would like to put forward your site please get in contact before the end of November.
  • Their design presentation day will be Thursday 15th December which you would be welcome to attend.

If you have any questions please email
Or Tel Laura – 07970737760 or Sarah – 07765604571
Or visit our website: