In this Apple Glut special: Edible parks · Markets review · Bristol Food Council · £45,000 awarded to city’s green community projects · Food Interest Group profiles no.3: Sharon Sexton and Liz McDougall · FoodMapper · Investing in local land · Adventures with apples with Horfield Organic Community Orchard · South Gloucestershire festival round-up · Ten reasons to make cider · Orchard training · All about food · Keith Cowling on what do do on the plot in November and December · Update from No Tesco in Stokes Croft campaign · Publication of ‘Bristol – A guide to good living’ · plus a round-up of local news, courses and events

For everyone dealing with the practical problem of this year’s apple mountain, this issue delivers innovative local solutions – from sharing the bounty through community orchards, to apple-pressing and juice sterilising sessions; from cider-making to novel soup ingredient. You can also join Avon Organic Group’s Wassail as they start the cycle again, toasting the trees to encourage next year’s fruit.

November – December 2010