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If, like me, you’ve got an expectedly good beetroot harvest, you might like these Pins from Rocket Gardens showing 28 Ways with beetroot or their suggestions for Ways with herbs

Beyond food banks: Solutions for feeding Bristol Laurie King, from Sims Hill Shared Harvest, explains the need for a holistic approach to tackle food insecurity – and the projects, including Sims Hill’s new ‘community food centre’, aiming to do just that. READ MORE

CropMobster: Growing Community through Crowdsourcing Designed to “ignite food system crowdsourcing,” CropMobster empowers local leaders to connect communities interested in sharing or trading goods, labour, excess food, events, and news to help end hunger and reduce food waste. READ MORE

New till receipt design could make us healthier. A new traffic light system which uses till receipts to display nutritional information for an entire supermarket shop could revolutionise the way we buy food. READ MORE
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Permaculture magazine’s review of the recent Harmony in Food & Farming conference, exploring the meaning of Harmony as well as reviewing the sessions, food and field trips.
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Climate-friendly farming solution fizzles in Zimbabwe Part of a special project that explores the impact of climate change on the food security and livelihoods of small-scale farmers in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and Zimbabwe.
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This Massachusetts Town Shows What a Sustainable Economy Looks Like For more than three decades, the town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has quietly demonstrated how grassroots, sustainable, and human-centric projects could easily become the building blocks of the next economy. READ MORE

“Without this, I would have killed myself”: gardening helps heal refugees’ trauma. An NHS-run therapeutic gardening project in London is helping to alleviate symptoms of severe mental health problems. READ MORE

Gardening, art, sport – ‘prescriptions’ for mental health that don’t involve pills. Social prescribing, where patients are referred to non-clinical activities, is producing positive outcomes. But can the voluntary sector keep up with demand? READ MORE

Latest extension at CARGO retail hub delivers space for butcher, baker and bicycle-maker. READ MORE

The Bristol Pound has come together with other local currencies in the UK to launch the Independent Money Alliance (the IMA)! From local currencies to alternative payments, time banking to credit unions; co-ops, start-ups, coders, activists. READ MORE

Businesses/organisations within the new Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District (BID) area have voted in favour of implementing the new scheme, with the official start on Wednesday 1 November; more here. This is now the sixth BID in Bristol, click here for the full list.


The ‘A Matter of Scale’ report, published today, highlights how a diverse and vibrant sector of small farms is providing employment, attracting new entrants and incubating entrepreneurs. READ MORE
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Future of Food: Journal on Food, Agriculture & Society – research papers presented on urban food policies at the 7th Aesop Sustainable Food Planning Conference in 2015.

Sustainable Food System Framework: A Focus on Food Sustainability The IFST, a UK-based body for food professionals in Europe, has commissioned a report aimed at identifying areas of future work which they feel would be of most use to their members. The report focuses on food sustainability, technology and evidence-based practice. READ MORE
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Eating for 2 Degrees WWF launches its new Livewell report which looks at what we need to eat between now and 2030 to meet our Paris Agreement commitments. Besides carbon reduction targets, the report includes further environmental criteria – particularly water use and land footprint. The report also includes Livewell Plates for adolescents, the elderly and vegans for the first time. READ MORE
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Free Seeds! At Franchi Seeds have short date, dog eared or damaged packs of seeds to give to your school, charity, hospice…. All they ask is that you mention Franchi in your online media, school newsletters or email-outs. Spread the love and get that message out there that we want to help communities, whilst stocks last. Email grow@italianingredients.com

Buzz Lockleaze’s support grants of up to £750 for small businesses and start-ups located in Lockleaze or Horfield are available until September 2017, on a first-come first-served basis subject to assessment and the application meeting the funding criteria; more HERE.