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Carbon brief Election 2017 analysis: What the manifestos say on energy and climate change READ MORE
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Rocket Garden’s guide to the usual suspects in Pests & Diseases. SEE MORE

Bristol’s indie food and drink firms get bigger slice of market with opening of CARGO 2. SEE MORE

Bottled water charity Frank Water commits to plastic-free future despite threat to its income. SEE MORE

Ragman’s Lane Farm: creating diverse rural livelihoods New film from the Sustainable Food Trust. SEE MORE

Teaching children where their food comes from and why it really matters. READ MORE

International Day For Biological Diversity: Endangered Foods Reliance on a handful of varieties or species increases vulnerability in agriculture, yet according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, three-fourths of the world’s food comes from just 12 plants and five animal species. READ MORE

Audiovisual bill falls short in battle against childhood obesity The EU authority charged with coordinating national legislation on all audiovisual media has produced a watered down legislation that still heavily relies on industry to regulate itself. READ MORE

Why consumers need help to shift to sustainable diets Consumers are in an unprecedented dilemma over food. On the one hand, they have never had it so good. Supermarkets have spread worldwide and are awash with food. On the other hand over-consumption of food is growing globally. This is unsustainable, and its effect on the environment is already being felt, writes Professor Tim Lang. The answer, he argues, lies in a new politics of food. READ MORE
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Wayne Roberts on… How Green is My Alley: Why the Low-Hanging Fruit of Food Security, Urban Agriculture and Community Development Can Be Found in Parks, Boulevards, Alleyways, Schoolyards and Institutional Lawns. READ MORE


Eating better report: The future of eating is flexitarian This report from The Eating Better Alliance looks at the role of business in leading the way to help people make healthy and sustainable choices, including shifting to more plant-based eating with less and better meat. READ MORE
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Food for the Circular Economy, from PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, highlights the need for optimum use of food including reducing food waste and diets with less highly processed food, more vegetable and less animal protein. READ MORE

Brexit: agriculture report from the House of Lords European Union Committee looks at the risks and the opportunities for agriculture to better meet the needs of the sector, the environment and consumers. READ MORE

Designed with health in mind: A psychological approach to helping consumers make healthier choices in foodservice, from Footprint Intelligence & Compass Group provides useful research and tips on nudging customers towards healthier choices. READ MORE
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