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Do you want to help shape the future of food and farming? The Soil Association set out their 8 key policies for the General Election 2017. READ MORE
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Sustain set our their piorities in General Election 2017: Manifesto for a Better Food Britain. READ MORE
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Don’t Let Brexit Mean Bad Food Britain – Tell your MP ACT  NOW



We’re lousy at describing sustainable food, but it doesn’t have to be that way The language we use to describe plant-based food options is less than appetising, but it doesn’t have to be that way. How do we communicate effectively about sustainable diets? READ MORE

Get involved in World Meat Free Day on 12 June
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Tim Lang’ blog on Sustainable diets: rational goal, irrational consumers?
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Rocket Garden’s collection of innovative ways to grow climbing veg. SEE MORE

Now that we’re heading into peak planting season, Garden Organic offer a guide to Sourcing Organic for plants, composts, wood, tools, garden furniture and pest & disease controls. READ MORE

Farms could slash pesticide use without losses, research reveals Study shows almost all farms could significantly cut chemical use while producing as much food, in a major challenge to the billion-dollar pesticide industry. READ MORE
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Funding future farms The Ecological Land Co-operative aims to address the lack of affordable sites for ecological land-based livelihoods by offering affordable, residential smallholdings to new entrants. READ MORE
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Sustainable Diets: How Ecological Nutrition Can Transform Consumption and the Food System This book, by Pamela Mason and Tim Lang, explores what is meant by sustainable diets and why and how this can be made the goal for policymakers as we enter the Anthropocene. READ MORE
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University of Exeter research linking ecological, socioeconomic and health data to deepen our understanding of relationships between nature, health and wellbeing READ MORE

IEA releases new report on the real cost of food Contrary to the claims of some health campaigners, it is cheaper to buy healthy and nutritious food than it is to buy processed ‘junk food’. A new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs uses data from two leading supermarkets to compare the prices of 78 common food and drink products, finding that healthier options are mostly cheaper than less healthy alternatives. READ MORE
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The Lancet Planetary Health Planetary health is a new approach that broadens health research to include the health of human civilisations and the natural (external) systems on which they depend. This new journal  will explore the links between planetary and human health and how we can protect the environment on which we depend and develop sustainable systems that support human health. READ MORE
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Local Community Projects Fund & Environmental Grant Two funding opportunities are currently open with Greggs Foundation. One focusing on health and wellbeing, reducing social isolation, increasing resilience and life skills. The other focusing on the local environment and community engagement. Up to £2,000 grants. Deadline for both is 24 June 2017. FIND OUT MORE

Apply for Eden Project’s grant-paid Community Camp in May Applications are open for the three day Community Camp in Cornwall 19–22 May, offering a mixture of practical activities, workshop sessions and networking opportunities for volunteers and community activists interested in connecting people in their communities through groups, activities and projects. FIND OUT MORE

Final chance for students to apply for £1,000 start-up costs In partnership with the National Union of Students, Sustain is offering £1,000 start-up costs and mentoring for new student-led food co-ops and food preserving enterprises. If you aren’t directly eligible to apply just contact your nearest university or college and find someone who is! Deadline for this last round is 23 June 2017. FIND OUT MORE