The Malago Greenway Berry Maze – an unique project in the UK

Have you heard the news (or at least the rumours)? The little community taking care of the Brixham Road Open Space is building a berry maze instead of a field of overgrown weeds. It will be open for all the community for foraging and for the enjoyment of all the passers by.


It’s community involvement at its best: the residents who participated in the litter picking event in October last year have voted with an overwhelming majority for this project and the design was chosen from the proposals drawn by the children participating at a competition held at Parson Street School.


The winner: Harry Ward, 9 years old

The school has embraced the idea as its own and its children will help with planting and maintaining the maze (especially on harvest day!). Here is what the school’s deputy headteacher, Louise Hopcroft, thinks about the project: “Parson Street Primary School is overjoyed to be working alongside the local community to be developing an overgrown piece of land in the Brixham Road Open Space. The children have loved coming up with some creative designs for the proposed maze and the school Allotment Crew have been working with the community organiser, Raluca McKett to think about the types of berries and plants that could be used and how they can help with future planting and maintenance. It is going to be a fantastic project to be involved with, one in which the children and the local community will really benefit from when the overgrown land will be transformed into an amazing space for everyone to play and explore in.”

It’s a huge project and they will need lots of support, but Bristol Parks have given their approval and already £300 has been raised through the kind contribution of Red Row Development and National Tool Hire Shops have vouched to lend them the tools needed free of charge.

However, with a budget of around £3500 they are far from the target. The group will be applying for grants, but have also designed a webpage for crowd funding, so if you’d like to contribute, you can do so at For donations in goods from local business, please contact the organisers at


But there are other ways you can help too: being an exclusively community based project, volunteers will be needed in order to deliver it. You don’t need to be a gardener (even though there are obviously lots of them needed), but there will be various other jobs to do: erecting the structure, decorating and repairing the the concrete slab in the middle, making wooden planters, decorating the benches or even filling the planters with soil. So if you think you have what it takes (even some flexed muscles), do contact them at the email address above, they would love to hear from you.

Here are the facts…

Where: Brixham Road Open Space (located between Parsons Street/Lynton Road and Marksbury Road)
What: a berry maze designed by the children from Parson Street School
When: starting work in November 2017
The numbers:
– 725 square meters
– 16 types of berries
– 200 plants
– 5 wooden planters
– 2 benches
– 82 wooden poles
– 5 tonnes of soil for the planters (top soil & compost)
– 10L of paint
The budget: £3476
The delivery term: January 2017
Grand opening: June 2018
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