Cookpad has a very simple mission – to improve people’s lives by making everyday cooking more fun. We provide a free recipe-sharing platform open to everybody, worldwide. Though Cookpad is new to Bristol (and to the United Kingdom), it began in 1998 in Japan. In 2014 Cookpad went global and today hosts over 2.5 million homemade recipes available in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, Vietnamese and is adding new languages and countries on a regular basis.

Expanding on the Mission: The goal of Cookpad is to make everyday cooking more fun, a bit easier, and much less of a chore for as many people as possible. We want to change the path of everyday eating behaviour by providing “cookable” recipes with photos and step-by-step instructions to give people confidence to make them at home. Every recipe posted on Cookpad has been made by a Cookpad recipe user in his or her own kitchen allowing all users to interact, ask questions, and provide feedback. Not only do we believe that this will foster a healthier lifestyle, we also believe that cooking at home can help foster social and family connections.

screen-shot-2017-01-12-at-12-17-10The Cookpad Community: Cookpad is the world’s largest recipe-sharing platform and, since cooking is local, it also offers search and communication possibilities on a much smaller scale too. You can search for recipes published by users near you, share recipes with friends and family, chat about cooking in real-time and share questions or advice with your nearest and dearest. Or you can follow users who publish the kind of recipes you like and see their most recent recipes on your feed, find inspiration about what to cook by searching by ingredient or cooking techniques or just browse latest recipes being cooked in kitchens like yours. Cookpad is an incredible way to get and stay connected with other individuals who love and appreciate homemade food. With Cookpad, cooking no longer needs to be a lonely task.

What’s on Our Menu: We welcome all types of recipes at Cookpad, be it the sweetest, stickiest homemade chocolate cake, the healthiest greenest salad, the most amazing pasta dish or the spiciest curry you have ever tasted! The more users connected on Cookpad UK, the better your recipe searching experience will be! Though we are new to the UK we are working everyday to share our mission and find others who believe in the power of cooking as much as we do.

Cookpad UK available as an app for iPhone and Android and on the web: Sign up, log on, and get cooking!

The Finishing Touch: Cookpad UK available as an app for iPhone and Android and on the web: www.cookpad.com/uk. Sign up, log on, and get cooking!

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