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Less meat, more veg This blog-post is written by Sue Dibb, FCRN advisory board member and the coordinator of the Eating Better alliance: for a fair, green, healthy future – a UK-based broad alliance that is encouraging governments, businesses and all those who can make a difference to help people eat less and better meat and more foods that are good for people and the planet.
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For an alternative view, see Opinion: Patrick Holden on campaigns to reduce meat consumption
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This year, why not try out some of Rocket Garden’s suggestions for growing vertically or in pots? There are also growing resources in their blog.

Can We Eat Our Way Out Of Climate Change? Food production accounts for as much global greenhouse gas emissions as all forms of transport combined. That’s why many scientists think we can’t tackle climate change without addressing what we eat. LISTEN AGAIN to this BBC World Service broadcast.
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“Forget the vinegar, the real reek is inaction on glyphosates” Campaigner Zaheer Mamon asks why Marvin Rees has not lived up to his promise to review the use of ‘probably carcinogenic’ pesticides in our streets and parks.

European Nations reject GM Crop Cultivation in groundbreaking votes in a proposal to authorise the first new GM crops for cultivation since 1998
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NEW Urban Agenda At the HABITAT III conference the UK government signed up to the Quito declaration for a New Urban Agenda. The UK has therefore committed to producing planning frameworks that include strengthening food systems between rural and urban areas, supporting urban agriculture and providing safe, inclusive, accessible, green and quality public spaces. This is a public declaration of good intent; please make sure your local council is aware of the relevance of spatial planning to the food system on your patch. https://habitat3.org/the-new-urban-agenda
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The Bright Ideas Fund aims to give community groups the support and tools to start setting up a community business. It will provide early stage finance to carry out consultation with local people and feasibility studies to develop a community business idea the community wants and needs. A programme of support and grants of up to £20,000 is available to develop your community business idea. Second round of funding opens in April 2017. READ MORE


The Future of Consumer Society: Prospects for Sustainability in the New Economy This new book by Maurie J. Cohen examines how the system of mass consumption is changing; discusses popular trends such as the sharing economy, the Maker Movement, and economic localization; and describes the role that worker-consumer cooperatives could play in actively changing the current paradigm. READ MORE

Forgotten Agricultural Heritage – Reconnecting food systems and sustainable development Contemporary agriculture is often criticized for its industrial scale, adverse effects on nutrition, rural employment and the environment, and its disconnectedness from nature and culture. Yet there are many examples of traditional smaller scale systems that have survived the test of time and provide more sustainable solutions while still maintaining food security in an era of climate change. READ MORE