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B&NES launches Local Food Directory To celebrate British Food Fortnight, the Council is championing fresh and fabulous local produce by co-ordinating a lively programme of celebrations, activities and competitions throughout the area and launching an online Local Food Directory. The Directory – launched in partnership with Big Barn and – will enable residents and visitors to easily find and buy local food and drink.

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Sustainable Food Cities photo competition: The SFC network are looking for images which capture the 6 key issues in their awards programme, to help showcase the great work that member cities are doing. Closing date: 14 October. More

Why the food movement is unstoppable. The growth of the food movement is the people’s response to the failing ideas of the enlightenment. It represents a tectonic realignment of the forces underlying our society and a clash of ideas more profound than anything seen since the collapse of feudalism and the emergence of the industrial revolution. More

Tim Lang reflects On the frontline: The point of food policy – reflections on the last 40 years It would be nice but foolish to expect food policy to be a slice of public policy where evidence, policy and practice blend harmoniously. Dream on! There’s too much money, power and history at stake, let alone the unleashed forces of consumer choice, or the contrary pulls of environment and cheapness. Yet somehow sense has to be made of it. More

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Young farmers, Brexit and future prospects How do young farmers feel about Brexit and the future of British agriculture? What do they want  from a British Agricultural Policy and how do they see their future in a post-Brexit Britain? More And for CPRE’s take on a post-Brexit agriculture, see their report New Model farming: resilience through diversity

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Making sense of men and meat Being green is, apparently, a feminine thing. How then do we engage men to think about the meat on their plates? More

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Good Practice Report on Sustainable Public Procurement of School Catering Services This report from INNOCAT showcases best practices from a group of cities working on procurement of food and catering services.  The report takes a close look at school catering since this represents a significant share of the procurement budget of many local governments.

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Supermarket Superbugs As part of the Alliance to Save our Antibiotics, the Soil Association are pushing for drastic reductions in farm antibiotic use, and demanding the Government put a stop to needless ‘preventative’ mass medication. More

Where’s the beef? Danish ethics council report describes beef as ‘climate damaging food’ and calls for beef tax. More and… Sweden’s supermarkets campaign to reduce meat consumption. More

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