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Top 10 cities in the U.S. for urban farming. A round-up of America’s most inspirational growing projects.

Detroit to develop mixed-use urban ‘agrihoods’: Abandoned homes and vacant lots give way to farm-to-fork district.

This small town refused to settle for Wal-Mart when its last local grocery store closed: After 10 years without an independent grocery store, the residents of Iola, Kansas, found a way to bring one back. READ MORE


Eating Better nominate The Best of 2016 – the 10 people, organisations and initiatives that we’re celebrating for championing less & better meat and encouraging more plant-based eating for our health and the health of our planet – including our own Flexitarian Bristol.

Other round-ups of 2016 from The Community Farm and the Sustainable Food Trust.

War on Waste: A profile of Feedback and Square Food Foundation, with news of a Feeding the 5K event for Bristol in  2017. READ MORE

Coming together for kale and all the trimmings: Summary of research explores the environmental and social implications of urban agriculture and sustainable food. READ MORE

Dealing with heavy frosts: tips for keeping on top of things during the winter months. READ MORE

CARGO, the successful Bristol food and drink hub made from shipping containers, is to be extended by more than three times its current size. READ MORE

Same again? Computershare gives all Bristol staff reusable coffee cups to help reduce waste. READ MORE

Thali Cafe to serve up national expansion and challenge ‘flock wallpaper’ Indian restaurants. READ MORE

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Bath and North East Somerset wins British Food Fortnight’s 2016 competition. READ MORE

Keynsham Food-Waste to Biogas CHP plant going live in March will provide electricity for 80% of Keynsham’s homes. READ MORE

Food Drop: Bath University students are distributing surplus Pret a Manger food to local charities. READ MORE

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Debating the role of livestock with Joel Salatin: film of the Sustainable Food Trust’s event was hosted at Bristol University.

Foragers: Guardians of the environment Could foraging in local parks be a source of free, sustainable and healthy food? READ MORE

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Letter to the European Commission with policy recommendations for reducing EU consumption of animal-based foods

Growing Support: How to Improve Inclusion for People with Dementia and Their Carers in Community Gardens

Global Forest Coalition: What’s at steak? The real cost of meat

Free eBook: Sustainable Food Systems: The role of the city by Robert Biel