Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group have a new set of cookery sessions for September / October 2017.

  • Mondays 10 am–12 noon. Parents Of Young Children – Learning about cooking healthy and low cost family food.
  • Mondays 1–3 pm. Cooking On A Budget – Learning how to save money, cook once – eat twice, make a meal using leftovers, and portion & meal planning.
  • Tuesdays 9.30am–11.30am. Cook Your Way To Five A Day – Cooking your favourite dishes – with more fruit and vegetables included – to help achieve our ‘5 A Day’.
  • Tuesdays 1–3pm. Cooking & Nutrition For Adults With (or at risk of) Type 2 Diabetes – Learning about how a healthy balanced diet can help you feel better and cooking easy, tasty dishes to take home
  • Thursdays 10am–12pm. Good Foods for Good Moods – Practical cooking sessions to support mental health.
  • Thursdays 1–3pm. Take on the Take Away – cooking healthy versions of all our favourite take aways!
  • Fridays 1–3pm. The Hartcliffe ‘Bake off’ cookery course – learning to cook low sugar cakes and bread in bake off style!

These are small cooking sessions, taught in our bespoke community kitchen at The Gatehouse centre, Hartcliffe. The sessions are open to residents of BS13 / BS14.

Each session costs £2 per adult per session. Course places must be booked in advance and participants take home what they make.

Contact us now to book your place:
0117 946 5285