Poco try to be as ethical as possible in the way we cook. All our ingredients are local, seasonal & organic.

Surplus ingredients are made into tasty dishes and given out free with drinks, just like at Spanish tapas bars. Last week a slow roasted pork belly with fennel and lemon juice was on the menu and the leftover meat was made into a stew with white beans and celery which was given out for free.

Where possible, we don’t peel vegetables, as their skin is very nutritious, and we compost everything. Parsnips sometimes need to be peeled but the skin makes delicious crisps.

We centre our ingredients on the use of wild and seasonal foods, wasted foods and foods that have been forgotten or ignored by the modern world.

All fish is sustainably caught.

Supplier information is regularly updated is clearly displayed on the large blackboard at the back of the café.


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