Harvest is part of the worker co-operative Essential Trading Ltd.Our warehouse (or “mother ship” as it is affectionately known) is in Fishponds but a small group of members (only 4 in fact) run the retail side of things in Bishopston.

The shop is situated on the Gloucester road, a bustling area full of many independently run small shops, cafes and businesses…… We’re at the bottom near the wonderful Prince of Wales pub!!

We have only one other shop in Bath, so we’re unusual in a world full of identikit chain stores. Both shops are passionate and committed to providing ethical, organic, fair traded health foods.
Our shops are both guaranteed 100% veggie and GMO free.

At the back of the shop there is a weigh-it-on-your-own dry goods and refill section. There are the Pertwood Farm Cereals, from Wiltshire; Yoghurt from South Molton in Devon, and cream from the Somerset Dairy. Longman Farmhouse butter from Yeovil and Lye Cross Somerset cheese. Next to the vegetable rack is a chart to demark origin, with quite a few hits on the UK.

Bristol Pound trader