The Pesticide Safe Bristol Alliance launched in 2015 with around 20 local groups as members. Membership is free, and groups can participate in the Alliance’s work as actively (or not!) as they like. The Alliance has no formal structure and is co-ordinated by volunteers.

Now as then, the main campaign focus is glyphosate, by far and away the most commonly-used weed killer in urban areas. As you may know, glyphosate is being withdrawn from a number of UK cities over its links to cancer (but not Bristol… yet).

The Alliance’s successes include:

  • Pledges by Marvin Rees and Labour Bristol to “stop using harmful pesticides” (as yet undelivered )
  • Recruiting support from national NGOs including Sustainable Food Trust, Soil Association and Pesticide Action Network UK
  • Local and national media coverage
  • Growing network of Pesticide Free Zones (schools & households)

Our members play a vital role in the Alliance’s success. The ongoing controversy around glyphosate creates a very real opportunity and incentive for Bristol to move beyond pesticides – but we need your support to help our city’s leaders to get there.

If your organisation would like to join the PSBA and/or sign an open letter to Marvin Rees, calling on him to end the routine use of pesticides in Bristol’s public spaces, then please complete the short form at:

You can also join-in as an individual, by declaring your garden as a Pesticide-Free Zone:

Together we can make Bristol pesticide-safe, one plot at a time.