In this issue: Get Going Growing · Food Interest Group profiles no.4 · Thali café · Food Policy Council update · Kevin Morgan on ‘The coming crisis of school food: From sustainability to austerity’ · Richard Spalding on ‘Future Foodscapes in an age of crisis’ · Bristol Food Network · Cook4Life · Be part of feed Bristol · Bristol ‘Open Food Garden’ day launched · Keith Cowling on ‘Following the Plot no.4’ including what to do in January and February · Local CSA updates · CSA resources · Business Profile: Somerset Local Food Direct · Plus Events, Courses and Publications

Now is the season to mull over seed catalogues, and plan what will happen on your plot over the next growing season… or at least, what you hope will happen… If you haven’t yet secured your patch of Bristol ground, the new ‘Get Going Growing’ guide has many suggestions of alternatives to traditional garden- or allotment- growing – make it your New Year’s resolution to get involved.

January – February