Bristol Food Network have been plugging away since 2009. Trying to connect-up things which are going on in the city, building collaborations, raising the profile of ‘food’ and making sure it’s always on the agenda when it needs to be.

We do a lot of this work voluntarily. We have 6 volunteer directors and, at the moment, all of our bookkeeping, website updating and newsletter mailings are done by volunteers. But however voluntary we can be, we still have external costs to pay that no amount of volunteering can take care of – accountancy, website hosting, anti-virus software etc – the sorts of costs which funders don’t like to fund.

This is where you can help us to keep on keeping on, by contributing to our annual external running costs of around £1,500 a year. We have teamed-up with Localgiving to try and ensure that we can pay the bills. Localgiving are able to collect Gift Aid on our behalf, which immediately grows your donation by 25p on every £1 donated, minus fees. They are also offering £200 in matchfunding for the first £200 donated to us.

Grow your tenner campaign launches 11 December

From 11 December, Localgiving are also making a match fund pot of £100,000 available. For any supporters making a commitment to a 12-month direct debit (minimum £2/month, maximum £10/month), Localgiving will match fund your final 6 donations – so your donation of £120 (£10/month for 12 months) becomes £200 after match funding and Gift Aid. Localgiving will continue to match fund donations till 10 January 2019 or the £100K fund runs out.

Find out more at:

As we gear-up to launch our campaign of work towards Bristol achieving ‘Gold’ in the Sustainable Food Cities awards in the new year, it would be great to know that we’ve got all the basic bills covered.