The Bristol Green Capital Partnership have announced the publication of the pilot report from the Green and Black Ambassadors project –

This report is an integral part of the Green & Black Ambassadors project, sharing insights from the Ambassadors’ experiences, their research and the successes and challenges of the Green & Black Ambassadors model. In its year-long pilot phase, the project has received huge interest both in the city and nationally, and made significant progress towards its ambitious mission of creating a more diverse environmental sustainability community by challenging, engaging and empowering. The report also highlights the need for investment in further sustainability leaders through the scaling-up of the Green & Black Ambassadors initiative, and offers a model for better participation and inclusion that can be modelled throughout the UK.

Chair of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Mohammed Saddiq, shared reflections on this in our announcement yesterday: “The Green & Black Ambassadors Initiative has been deliberately bold and mission-orientated and has supported our core value of being inclusive in everything we do. I am deeply proud and inspired by the outcomes of the project and the way in which they were delivered in a collaborative manner within the diverse community of Bristol. We will continue to invest in developing future sustainability leaders from BAME communities. This will help us to achieve the inclusive environmental sustainability movement in Bristol that we all need to help address the environmental challenges the city faces.”

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