As you may know, Bristol Food Network is currently looking at what we need to do in the city in order to move from being a ‘Silver’ Sustainable Food City to Going for ‘Gold’. As part of this process we’ll also be working alongside the Sustainable Food Cities Network and the other Silver standard city – Brighton & Hove – to define what the Gold standard should look like.

We’ve already held a small consultation at the Green Capital 10th anniversary gathering, asking everyone: “If Bristol was a Gold Sustainable Food City, what would you want it to be known for?”

Some trends emerged from this:

  • Bristol needs to tackle food poverty and access – healthy food should be available for all
  • Bristol restaurants need to include plenty of vegan and flexitarian options (to reduce the carbon footprint of our food)
  • We need to be eating more food produced in the city and city region (so we relocalise our food economy)
  • Food businesses need to be disposing of their food waste sustainably, and we need to see higher use of reusable cups etc (so we reduce the ecological impact of our consumption)

If you’ve got any other thoughts on what you’d like Bristol to be known for if it was a Gold Sustainable Food City, then please get in touch.

Although the Gold standard is not yet sharply defined, we know that Bristol will be required to develop 2 or 3 areas of excellence. With that in mind, we’ve been talking to a lot of people in the city about, amongst other things:

  • Social prescribing
  • Healthy eating/cooking education
  • Growing food with nature
  • Using new economy innovations to tackle food inequality
  • Improving sustainability at festivals and public events
  • Tackling food waste (domestic and business)
  • Sustainable procurement
  • Sustainable food tourism

If any of these areas interest you, then please get in touch. We appreciate that everyone’s time is limited, but if you could offer an hour’s input on your specialist topic, then we’d love to hear from you! Similarly, if you’re working/volunteering in any of these areas and you’d be interested in getting involved with shaping new collaborative projects, then do let us know.

We’re also looking to recruit people to a new Expert Advisory Panel which will support the new Good Food Alliance. The idea of the Panel is that it will provide a set of people who can be called-upon occasionally by Alliance member organisations to deal with queries or provide short-sharp bursts of input to e.g. project development.

Jacqui Reeves
Bristol Sustainable Food Cities Coordinator