Much work is underway behind the scenes, looking at how Bristol might work towards winning ‘Gold’ in the Sustainable Food Cities awards.

As part of this process, Bristol Food Network have been contributing to the Feeding Bristol project, which is looking at how we can address issues around food poverty and hunger in the city. Feeding Bristol (part of the national initiative on Feeding Britain) has identified 5 key priority areas for future work, and in order to develop those themes further, we will be assisting by facilitating roundtable discussions on 3 of the 5 themes:

  • Improving education relating to cooking and healthy eating
  • Significantly increasing urban food production and the supply of good quality local food to the city within a sustainable economic framework
  • Improving provision of healthy food across all parts of the city (and the surrounding areas) through home and local growing projects

Another area being investigated is reducing food waste in the city, working with Bristol Waste Company, Resource Futures and others to tackle household food waste and industry. Looking at ways for redistribution and reconfiguration.

If you haven’t been involved already, and would like to be part of one or more of the roundtables, please contact Jacqui Reeves:

Bristol Food Network have also been working with the Bristol Green Capital Partnership to organise a Good Food Business Breakfast, aimed at non-food businesses. This session will look at how businesses can contribute to Bristol’s aspiration to ‘Go for Gold’, and help to create a city where the food we eat is good for people, good for places and good for the planet.

If you work at a business which think might like to get involved, then please contact Claire Jacob for more information:

We have also taken to Instagram to pose the question: What would it look like if Bristol was a Gold Sustainable Food City? That future could be closer than you think – why not send us your photos of what a Sustainable Food City looks like? You can find us at bristolgoodfoodalliance