June update: Keep an eye on Bristol Food Network’s social media this month to watch short films from the different groups who have sent in homemade #GetGrowingTrail films for our digital version of the Trail! They are all wonderful. Thanks to all of you who have sent them in – we will be putting these together to make a longer film, showcasing the different growing sites in the next few weeks. We still hope to host a in-person Trail in September. Watch this space.

Here are the details about submitting your films during June: We’re excited to be aiming for a harvest Get Growing Trail in September, but in the meantime we’d love to showcase some of the amazing growing sites around the city digitally. The videos will be released when the Trail would normally run in June.

Ideally each film would be about 2-5 minutes for each site – short and sweet and focusing on an element of that site that makes it special or offering some advice or know-how to help encourage others to get growing. The aim of the Trail has always been to spread the word about all the city’s amazing growing sites and showing people how they can get involved. We will share these short films via Bristol Food Network and the Bristol Bites Back Better online platforms and social media to encourage people to get growing and inspire them to visit some of the sites when this is possible.

Here are five ideas of what your film could showcase (please pick one rather than trying to cover everything!):

  • Instructional video – how to prepare a bed, a reused/borrowed/recommended buy, composting tips, other allotment know-how, a skill you’ve learnt from a family member or someone else in the local community. Please home-in if you can on something seasonal and flourishing.
  • Story about the place – tell us something unusual about your place? How did the group come about? What keeps it going? Something odd or surprising or random about the site.
  • Story about the people – have you worked with local young people and/or schools? Other community groups? Have there been any highlights of interactions with the wider local community? What unexpected things do you get out of being involved? We’d love to hear stories about how it’s not just the produce that keeps you coming back – the human connections and maybe unusual consequences of being involved in a project like this that people might not think about straightaway!
  • When things go wrong – difficulties the site has overcome, mistakes, things you’ve learnt over the years. What are you doing differently this year?
  • Lockdown stories – challenges during lockdown? Opportunities? How has the group had to adapt to the situation? Are there any changes you would like to keep in the long term?

We think it’ll be best to stick to these succinct formats so that each clip tells a short story and works on its own (or potentially some of the films could be stitched together to make something longer if themes emerge that can be linked). We think more people will watch the videos if there’s a clear story/how-to rather than simply a virtual tour of the site.

We’re asking that you please record yourself in landscape. Make sure there isn’t any background noise or wind in the microphone. It’s OK if the videos look reasonably ‘homemade’ as this is the look we are going for, but please make sure the audio can be heard. Please introduce yourself and the growing group at the start of the video.

We’d love to hear peoples’ enthusiasm for their sites – it’s all about inspiring others in the city to get growing and hopefully visit or maybe volunteer at some of the sites later in the year.

This short film from the Soil Association has a few tips and suggestions about how to get the most from your film making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiKkGJDzTVM

Please WeTransfer your films to ramona@bristolfoodnetwork.org by Monday 31 May or get in touch to send them via WhatsApp.