The Future Museum is described by artist Jethro Brice as: “Hailing from some unknown time in the distant future, this roving cabinet of curiosities holds a ramshackle collection of artefacts salvaged from the ancient ruins of 21st century civilisation.

The Wunderkammión displays treasures from a forgotten age of affluence, alongside examples of the creative solutions that characterized life in a rapidly changing environment. It presents a spectacular and fascinating archaeology of growth, collapse and survival – and the lessons to be learnt from our turbulent past.

The Wunderkammión’s changing exhibitions explore significant themes around ecological sustainability and change, focusing on life at the scale of individual choices, empowerment and grass roots action.”

Bristol Food Network collaborated with community artist Jethro Brice to adapt the amazing Wunderkammión to bring  “The Future Museum of Bristol Good Food” to Bristol’s Harbour Festival in 2013.

In Jethro’s own words: “The celebrated Wunderkammión was back on the quays at this year’s Harbour Festival with a new exhibition about food sovereignty in early 21st century Bristol. Produced in collaboration with the Bristol Food Network, the exhibition featured documents and artefacts from the many grassroots projects that helped pioneer urban food sufficiency around in the early days of the movement. From growers like the The Severn Project and Edible Futures to educational projects such as Lawrence Weston Community Farm and the Hartcliffe Health and Action Group, or the remarkable Pedal Powered Transport company, small social enterprises and non-profits helped lay the ground for the sustainable urban food production we see today.”

Take a look at Jethro’s website for some lovely photos taken on the day.

Projects and organisations featured in the Future Museum of Bristol Good Food were:

Co-Exist Community Kitchen

The Bristol Pound

The Blue Finger Alliance/Feed Bristol

Lawrence Weston Community Farm

Pedal Power Transport/Severn Project

Pullins Bakery/Bristol Farmer’s Market

Hartcliffe Health and Environment Action Group

Edible Futures Nursery/Demand Energy Equality

Bristol City Council Sustainable City team

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Download the description of all of the “artifacts” in the exhibit here.