We would like to proudly present Grow Wilder https://www.facebook.com/AWTGrowWilder.

We decided to carry on with the name change and the launch of our new website as we felt very strongly that the city needed a good news story at the moment. We are giving spring a bloomin big boost by also launching our new online wildflower and veg plant shop

This has taken a huge effort to set up but we were committed to saving the wildflower nursery and bringing some real hope and glory to people’s gardens. We have two weeks to prove that the shop can work to keep Grow Wilder operating. This will help us maintain our food growing operations to keep supporting our community.

If you could all help with promotion that would be amazing. We have over £23,000 of stock on tables that needs a home quickly. All of our big orders have been cancelled or postponed, the site is closed with a bleak outlook for the rest of the year.

How can you help

  • Go to our new facebook page and share to as many groups and friends as possible the link to the incredible new online shop. We need to increase hits on the page, comments, shares and likes to get the page seen and kept in circulation. Even if you don’t have facebook you can still view the page:https://www.facebook.com/AWTGrowWilder
  • Buy a load of plants to kick start your garden, get your neighbours to buys some plants … buy a gift voucher for your parents …
  • Check back in on the facebook page as we will be posting more videos over time about wildlife gardening and food growing.
  • We will send out some posters next week, which if you happen to be jogging past an allotment gate and it’s safe to do so – we would appreciate you putting them up.
  • Most of all please comment on posts or in the review section about how wildflowers have helped you make a connection with nature. What is the impact of wildflowers in your garden?