Are you a café, restaurant, food stall, pub, venue, farm shop, box scheme, food manufacturer, charity or any organisation with food at your core? Are you thinking about the benefits of going green? Do you see it as something your staff and customers want you to do? Would you like to do more but aren’t sure where to start? Are you taking actions already that other food organisations would find useful?

If so, Bristol needs YOU!

Going for Gold is a city-wide ambition (and a top Mayoral priority) to become the first UK Gold Sustainable Food City by making big and lasting improvements to the way we grow, buy and eat food in Bristol.

Joining-in demonstrates to your customers and community that you’re part of a movement that will improve our local environment, and beyond.

Visit Going for Gold Bristol, and click on the tab “Do you work in the food sector?” to find out more and take action to change food in Bristol for good.