Bristol Energy Network in partnership with Ambition Lawrence Weston and communities throughout Bristol are looking to provide emergency help for those in our Bristol communities struggling to pay their energy bills during this COVID winter.

Emergency Help needed!

Winter in Bristol has been tough. Another lockdown will make it worse. COVID means extreme hardship for many who get food donations but can’t afford the energy to heat them.

It shouldn’t happen, and to make sure it doesn’t, we’re going to raise at least £10,000 this winter. Please, donate what you can afford and share this Crowdfunder.

People die in cold homes. £10,000 means £50 fuel vouchers for 200 families, helping keep warm, fed, and connected.

People need energy to store and heat their food. The safest way to feed masses of people is fresh frozen meals, stored in a freezer, defrosted in a fridge, heated in microwave or oven.

It’s not just giving someone a meal. Imagine: your electricity goes off, the meals you’ve got to last a week perish. Children are off school, so you stay home. In the house, you need warmth, so you’re using more energy. The school may have provided a laptop, but it has to be charged. You need the internet. You need energy.

Right now, some people in Bristol are desperate. Let’s show them their City has not forgotten them.

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