Sailing vessel Gallant, of the Blue Schooner Company, will arrive into Bristol Harbour to deliver a cargo of wine, olive oil and more, on behalf of a growing community of sail-cargo-pioneers. This group of farmers, sailors, traders and foodies are leading the way in transporting products, people and ideas over oceans by the power of the wind, showing that a fossil-fuel-free future is possible.

The ship will be received by New Dawn Traders and Port O’Bristol (Xisto Wines) who are collecting orders for these exceptional products and planning the unloading events. They expect to see hundreds of locals turn up for the spectacle and collect their cargo direct from the ship which will be docked outside the Pickle Cafe, in the historic Underfall Yard. There will be wine tastings, talks, workshops, ship tours and music

Bristol will become one of several ports forming part of a small but growing trading network that connects producers and buyers with sailing cargo ships, supply chains curated by New Dawn Traders. All together they are committed to a new way of business, one that honours the farmers, reduces emissions in transport and offers exceptional quality products at an honest price.

You can pre-order your cargo and collect at the arrival event at Underfall Yard on 21 September.

WHY PRE-ORDER? This is an experiment in rethinking how we trade. By asking Bristolians to pay upfront for the cargo and to collect direct from the ship, everyone is invested in the voyage. The savings from no longer needing onward distribution, storage or retail marketing is passed on to the
buyer. By making quality products affordable and still paying the farmer a fair price, we can grow a market for ethical produce, shipped by sail – one community at a time.

The farmers I work with are true heroes of this story. They are on the front-lines of our climate emergency, nurturing the land and the communities that depend on it. You can taste this love in the fruits of their labour. Nowhere else can you buy such wonderful Olive Oil, at such a good price, and which is brought to you with a sailing ship that you can even join as trainee crew.
Alex Geldenhuys of New Dawn Traders

I have been working on Port O’Bristol for many years now and to finally have our twin cities of Porto and Bristol’s ancient trade links re-established, is very exciting. Port O’Bristol will be bringing barrels of the finest organic artisan Portuguese wines to be bottled in Bristol. These wines are made by celebrated winemakers especially for this voyage. Using wind power for shipping means this cargo is as good as local. Made by Rebels, Shipped by Pirates, Drunk by Heros.
Anton Mann of Port O’Bristol / Xisto Wines

For this first delivery, the ship will unload several tons of cargo made up of European wine, olive oil, olives, almonds, honey and salt, plus Caribbean coffee, chocolate and mezcal from Mexico. Both New Dawn Traders and Xisto Wines are co mmitted to working with small producers and cooperatives who give the best care to the land and uphold the traditions of generations.

The star of the show is of-course the beautiful ship. The Gallant, built in Holland in 1916 first sailed as a fishing lugger on the North Sea. After a varied career spanning a century, the ship was bought by the Blue Schooner Company, who have put it back to work as a cargo vessel. The ship is one amongst a growing number in Europe and around the world that are nurturing a renaissance in the craftsmanship of sailing, from the construction and maintenance of traditional ships to the art of sailing without fossil fuel. Sail Cargo is more than just an alternative to the shipping industry, it is a lifestyle that builds community across oceans and borders.

I absolutely love the project and think it’s great for all of us that are involved that the Gallant is coming to Underfall Yard. We are working together to make the most of this first arrival in Bristol. I believe that the visual impact of the ship along with the beautiful produce onboard will be welcomed by Bristolians who are always committed to supporting independent, environmentally aware businesses that embrace the traditions of our wonderful city.
James Fitzgerald of the Pickle Cafe at Underfall Yar

All together these sail cargo pioneers are showing that small actions, in collaboration and multiplied by many, can make extraordinary things happen.