Bristol’s local currency have this week unveiled plans to hide thirteen treasure troves containing Bristol’s money around the city. The treasure hunt, which is being held to celebrate the currency’s fifth birthday, will run from 12–18 September when daily clues will be released via social media to lead Bristolians to uncover prizes of up to £B100.

Since its launch in September 2012, the Bristol Pound has achieved much success and grown its reputation as the largest city-wide alternative currency scheme in the UK. It’s the only alternative currency that can be spent on local taxes, on bus and train fairs and for local energy suppliers. Over £B2 million was spent in the city last year.

The Bristol Pound Treasure Hunt invites Bristolians to celebrate Bristol’s radical characters, its protests and struggles, while giving participants the chance to win some cash! The treasure hunt will introduce Captain BrizBeard, the pirate banker who, having revolted from his job in the city of London, fights his way back to Bristol to spread wealth among the people.

Clues leading to the whereabouts of the treasure packets, each containing £B20, will be posted through the Bristol Pounds Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds. To mark the end of the birthday celebrations, the treasure hunt will be brought to a finale with a jackpot, where one lucky winner will find £B100 hidden somewhere in the city.

The Bristol Pound works to create a circular economy, where local independent businesses are favoured over large corporate chains.

Join the Bristol Pound treasure hunt by following their social media channels: @bristolpound on Twitter using the hashtag #BrizzleTreasure, Bristol Pound on Instagram or for their Facebook page. Keep up to date with all their latest news through their newsletter on

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